I love deals.  I love saving a few bucks.  I love finding a cool toy at a discounted price.  I love trinkets.  I love to share the deals I find with others and get a ton of satisfaction knowing that I helped someone else save a buck too.

Hopefully you’ll checkout some of the items I share.

(Expired)Just found this deal at How to Score 50 GB of free cloud storage from Box.  (Before you ask – this is lifetime storage)  You have to sign into the Box application on an iOS device to get the 50 GB of free space.  Even if you don’t need it now – I’d claim the space.  If you don’ t have an iOS device – hopefully you have a friend who or does or perhaps you can convience someone to loan their device to you for a few minutes.

Microsoft just announced (2-26-14 to my knowledge) a short lived promo to get 100 GB of cloud storage thru OneDrive.  You just have to earn 100 points thru Bing rewards.  Please use my customized URL so I can get credit for it.  Here is the URL: